You can still see your doctor during the Covid-19 epidemic.

However, you must first make an appointment. Please call:

      (+45) 44 98 50 00

The clinic is open during the epidemic, but we do some things differently. We take precautions to protect you and your family from coronavirus.

Always call the clinic

You cannot come to the clinic without an appointment. Therefore, you must call us at  

44 98 50 00

to make an appointment.

Video consultation

As soon as possible, we will make video consultation available to our patients. You can download the app "Min læge" from App Store eller Google Play.

If you have symptoms of Covid-19

If you have symptoms of coronavirus infection, we will not be able to see you at the clinic. We will do our best to help you via phone or video consultation. You must avoid contact with others until 48 hours after you feel completely well. 

You may read further at the Danish Health Authorities' website: https://sst.dk/da/corona/.

Download for iPhone:

Download for Android:

Download the app Min læge for your smartphone. We offer online video consultation, renewal of prescription medications, e-mail and more...

Contacting the secretary in person - please come after phone-hours, that end at 12 noon


4 parkingplaces in front of the house + 1 disabled parking.

Otherwise - on the opposite side of  the street

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Kommunen                      Gladsaxe kommunes sundhedstilbud

Important phonenumbers

Lægevagten                 3869 3869  From 2014: use 1813

Herlev Hospital            3868 3868

Gentofte Hospital         3977 3977

Glostrup Hospital         3386 3386

Gladsaxe Kommune     3957 5000